Ubuntu Dapper Drake is easier to install than windows xp

Hi This is Abhinay. Iam Ubuntu Linux freak. This is my first post on ALL ABOUT LINUX since it started. The purpose of the ALL ABOUT LINUX is to make Linux user friendly to the people. I hope this will be helpful to you.

Ubuntu logo

The new release of Ubuntu is Dapper Drake (also known as Ubuntu 6.06 LTS – Long Term Support). Dapper Drake have got a big change in the installation of Ubuntu. Installing with GUI. Rather than a separate Live CD and Install CD, there’s a single disc which boots as a Live CD, but with a shortcut on the desktop to install Ubuntu to the disk. The installation procedure can now be inside of Gnome (Graphical User Interface), making it not only prettier, but also gives the user a feel for how the operating system works. I’ll cover the step-by-step installation process of Ubuntu Dapper Drake (with screenshots) in the next comming post.

Getting Ubuntu

You can get ubuntu in two ways…

  • You can download CD image of Ubuntu – download
  • You can request CDs of Ubuntu (free shipping charges) – request CDs




install icon on the desktop

installing ubuntu dapper drake


comming soon… ” How to install ubuntu dapper drake ? “

Posted on Jul 29, 2006
Written byAbhinay Omkar

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