My first kernel compilation

$ uname -r

   w00t! this gonna be really cool. yeah ! this is my first compilation thing. Running Ubuntu Dapper (Ubuntu 6.06 LTS) on kernel 2.6.18 , awesome ! 🙂

I didn”t expect that kernel compilation is very simple, but takes time even best online casino 45 min. to compile.

(well, i fallowed

Now, it is somewhat fast when compared to the old kernel (default ubuntu kernel). and i got good experience compiling my own kernel 🙂

Posted on Oct 12, 2006
Written byAbhinay Omkar

2 thoughts on “My first kernel compilation”

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  2. plagosus says:

    Yeah, I can remmember my first kernel compilation on Mandrake Linux 9 🙂

    Respect to all Linux users.

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