Firefox + Add-ons = Rocks !!

Firefox is the wonderful Web Browser in the world. Truly, you can Rediscover the web. These are the add ons that i use & the add ons you can’t live without. And some tweaks for Firefox.

Firefox Extensions:

Download Them All – Download

  • In a single click you can download all images & other embed objects contained in a webpage.
  • Batch Download
  • Divide and Download a file & Faster Download Bookmarks – Download

  • Access your bookmarks from any computer at any time
  • Keep your bookmarks organized with tags
  • Share your bookmarks with friends or anyone on the Web

Web Developer Download

  • Adds a menu and a toolbar with various web developer tools.


Download Statusbar – Download


  • This is a browser extension that allows you to keep track of ongoing and completed downloads in a hide-away statusbar.


Google Toolbar – Download


  • What i like about Google Toolbar is the gmail notifier. The gmail icon (the red one) in Google Toolbar shows the unread mails from inbox. & I’m Feeling Lucky, Bookmarks, Image search, Autofill are handy. if you want only the gmail notifier instead of the whole toolbar then remove the google toolbar & Drag ‘n’ Drop the gmail notifier icon to anywhere on the Navigation bar.

Fonts looks _bad_ ? For _good_ looking font …

  • Edit > Preferences > Content > Default Font > DejaVu Sans Condensed (Size: 16)
  • Click ‘Advanced’ , and uncheck the option ‘Allow pages to choose their own fonts’

Firefox themes

Posted on Mar 11, 2007
Written byAbhinay Omkar

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