All About PyCon India 2010!

PyCon is an International community for the Python Programming Language holds several conferences each year worldwide [0]. PyCon India 2010 is second Python Conference to be held in India for this year 2010.
The first PyCon India was held on 26th & 27th September 2009 at IISC, Bengaluru, India. PyCon India is completely volunteer effort by the Python Developers, for the Python Developers participated across India and abroad as well. These Python conferences are not only for developers, But also for designers and business people. This conference consists of several presentations by Active Python Community Members and Python Experts. You can enjoy these inspirational talks and a friendly atmosphere, designed to help people build contacts and learn from each others’ experiences. You will meet interesting people and have a pleasant time.

PyCon India 2010 will be held on 25th & 26th September 2010 at M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, India.

Talks that are submitted as of now – PyCon India 2010 : Talks

If you are interested as a speaker to talk at PyCon India 2010, you can submit your proposal here – Call for Proposal! Last date for submission is July 31, 2010.

Registering for PyCon India 2010 is easy. Just goto this Registration Page and follow the instructions – Register!

This conference is for those who just started Python who can expect to check out what Python can do; for professional Python Developers who can share their experiences on the day of conference; For business people who are willing to grow their business or to get productive with Python; for Open Source Lovers to meet interesting people to build contacts and to Have Fun!

Follow @pyconindia for latest updates on PyCon India 2010. The twitter hashtag is #inpycon2010. If you have a suggestion or something to discuss regarding organizing of PyCon India 2010 Subscribe to Inpycon Mailing list.

PyCon India 2010 ArtworkBadges, T-shirt design & Logos.

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Waiting for 25th of September. See you there! ツ

[0] PyCon Elsewhere –

Posted on Jul 11, 2010
Written byAbhinay Omkar

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    Actual event date is on Sept 25 & 26

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    Thanks Sreejith! I’ve changed the dates.

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