Broadband Meter (Dsum): who has downloaded how much?

I’m using Airtel Broadband connection of 4Mbps with 30 GB limit per month plan (Bangalore, India). Initially when I subscribed to this plan it was sufficient for us (for me & for my roomies). It is frustrating when you realize that the net speed goes down to 256 Mbps because you’ve exceeded the 30 GB limit (download/upload total).

I needed a simple & smart tool which can tell me how much I (& also my other roomies) have download so far on our wifi connection. So, I wrote this script in one night – Broadband Meter (Codename: Dsum).

So, How does it work?

Broadband Meter (Dsum) runs in the background, it starts metering the download/upload usage as soon as I logged into the system (Also, this runs for all users on the system). The metering information gets stored in a persistant database, so that I can write a simple query to fetch information like – how much I’ve downloaded today so far? what’s the downloaded data in last one hour? what’s the total downloaded size for this month or last month and so on..

Ok, I got it! How do I install this software?

Heads up! This script supports only Mac OS X (10.4 or Later) as of now.

1. Download Broadband Meter (Dsum).

2. Unzip the file and change the directory (cd) to unzipped folder

3. Enter the following command to install (enter this command from Terminal once you cd to the unzipped folder):

sudo make install SSID=my-wifi-name

4. Run the script (This is only for the first time – you don’t need to use this command for each login. The Dsum should load on startup automatically for you)

sudo make run

5. If you want to Stop (or Pause) the metering. Use the above step to restart again.

sudo make stop

Feel Free to browse through my code:

If you find any bugs or have suggestions, please post to:

Happy Metering! 😉

Posted on Jun 30, 2012
Written byAbhinay Omkar

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