Miss Universe 2015 Announcement Mistake – Design Problems. It’s OK Steve Harvey.

It’s OK Steve Harvey. It’s not completely your mistake.

As Donald A. Norman from his amazing book The Design of Everyday Things pointed out.

human error usually is a result of poor design: it should be called system error. Humans err continually; it is an intrinsic part of our nature. System design should take this into account. Pinning the blame on the person may be a comfortable way to proceed, but why was the system ever designed so that a single act by a single person could cause calamity?

Yes this is a design problem which caused this disaster.

Here are my thoughts on design problems of original Miss Universe 2015 elimination card.

Miss Universe 2015 - Elimination Card (Original)

Miss Universe 2015 – Elimination Card (Original)

Imagine Steve Harvey is in lot of pressure on the stage and he has no clue about the results until he picks up the card. When you first look at this card your eyes goes to the middle of the card which says “1st”. The bottom right text which is in big font looks just like a headline / banner for “MISS UNIVERSE 2015” (branding). The result – Philippines – doesn’t really stand out since it goes missing with the headline / banner. The result of winner is not even aligned along with above results.

I made an attempt to redesign Miss Universe 2015 Ballot card. Hope you like it.

Miss Universe 2015 - Elimination Card (Redesign)

Miss Universe 2015 – Elimination Card (Redesign)

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Posted on Dec 23, 2015
Written byAbhinay Omkar